Popularity of Buying Weed Online

In these days the popularity of buying weed through websites or online has been spreading rapidly. People who are basically addicted or getting addicted to drugs in the open roads or places are now being scared of becoming arrested by police for taking it. On the open road or in the discos or some places which are the source or selling drugs, are now at risk of raiding by the police. Washington and Colorado have finally emerging the facility of getting weed by legalizing cannabis for its recreational use. In fact the Govt. has declared they will continue the fight against weed by taking the help of raiding marijuana dispensaries situated in Washington. Though the Govt. of these two states is good in a fight but still they are unable to stop some illegal markets of drug selling such as the Silk Road marketplace. In the last month for two months ago from now Us Senator has applied to the federal agencies to close the market but failed to do so because the sales of it are conducted in digital currency, Bitcoin.

Some Easy Steps to Buy Weed through Online: As the Govt. is unable to close the Silk Road marketplace, they are now trying to entrap the buyers by taking the pose of vendors. But still it is difficult for the Govt. to take all the buyers under their trap. But from now on it will be easier for the buyers to buy weed through the online process. The sellers of this Silk Road market are professionals and you can get your weed in your mailbox. It is secured because your address will be removed right after the delivery. Here are the main 3 steps describing how to buy weed online:

Tor Browser: The most important step of buying weed through the help of online process is to download the Tor browser at first. The Tor browser is completely free and open sourced. It has the anonymity and encryption which are built into this processing. It automatically hides the IP address of the users. To hide the Internet Protocol address it takes the help of layers which go through the virtual tunnels and do not keep any record of your activities.

Bitcoins: On the next step you have to take some bitcoins. To keep the bitcoins the bitcoins wallet is necessary. There are two types of bitcoins wallets; one is paper wallet and the other one cloud wallets. Paper wallet is the most common one for the bitcoins. On the other side you can take the help of personal wallet for your mobile device and the computer. The next one you have to buy the bitcoins. The fastest way of getting bitcoins is through Coin Mama and Coin Base.

Silk Road: The last step in buying weed is to register your account on the Silk Road. For the registration you need two passwords, one is the paraphrase and the other one is the PIN. It’s essential to keep in safe because there is no password recovery. Before buying the weed create a fund account with bitcoins is necessary. Bitcoin were for the deposit at the time of buying weed. Most of the sellers prefer to use the registered name or the fake name or “care of” to avoid the problems of the post office related to the mailing address.



This process of buying weeds through the online is growing rapidly. And these upper mentioned steps will certainly help you by making it easier to figure out the methods of buying weeds online.


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